The steering and suspension systems play a crucial role in ensuring both your safety and driving comfort by facilitating a smooth ride, especially over uneven roads. These two systems are often discussed together due to their direct interconnection. Yet, it’s essential to understand the distinct functions of each system. When is it necessary to inspect these vital components? Moreover, what signs indicate potential damage to either the steering or suspension system?
In essence, the suspension system serves as the crucial link between the vehicle and its wheels, shouldering two primary functions:
  1. Enhancing the comfort of the driver and passengers by effectively smoothing out bumps and road imperfections.
  2. Ensuring optimal traction by keeping the wheels in contact with the road surface as much as possible.
Without a functioning suspension system, encountering a bump would result in the car’s wheels moving up and down perpendicular to the road surface. This vertical motion would transmit energy to the car’s frame, causing the wheels to lose contact with the road. Subsequently, gravity would take over, forcefully slamming the car down. Achieving a comfortable and smooth ride requires precise calibration of the suspension system, accomplished through a combination of springs and shock absorbers to mitigate these effects.
Essentially, the steering system empowers the driver to navigate the vehicle. The steering wheel is linked to the suspension system through the steering column and a sequence of pivoted joints. This connection permits the wheels to adapt to the road surface’s fluctuations without altering the steering angle.
Furthermore, the steering system ensures that the wheels turn as needed, adjusting, for instance, the inner front wheel to a sharper angle than the outer one during cornering. Similar to the suspension system, the steering system demands meticulous calibration, as any slack in the joints can pose a safety risk by compromising the precision of steering control.


It’s a good idea to schedule regular inspections of your steering and suspension systems by a car suspension shop. It is usually easier, cheaper and safer to discover and fix a problem before it snowballs, causing further consequences.
There are three times when you should get your steering and suspension systems inspected.
Firstly, at the following times:
  • Every 50,000 miles (approximately 80,000 km).
  • As part of your annual service or any time your car is in for routine service and the steering and suspension systems are accessible.
  • When your tires are replaced.
  • When your brakes are serviced.
  • When your oil and filters are changed.
Secondly, if you are involved in an accident where your front wheels or suspension are damaged, your entire steering and suspension systems should be checked for damage. Additionally, you should get your systems inspected if you notice any difference in your suspension or steering after any accident.
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