Engine Shop Near Me

The engine serves as the heart of your vehicle, demanding careful maintenance to ensure a seamless and reliable driving experience. Neglecting essential services such as cooling system maintenance, regular oil changes, and addressing transmission issues can expose your vehicle to significant damage. Engine problems, such as stalling, overheating, and misfiring, may arise without regular servicing, leaving you stranded on the roadside. Ensure your engine receives timely attention. Proudly offering top-notch engine repair services in Plano, TX, we aim to provide a lasting and trouble-free driving experience for years and miles to come. Don’t delay—trust the experts at Major Automotive for exceptional engine service in Plano, TX today!

Engine Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is essential for extending the lifespan of car parts, including the engine. Trust the experts at Major Automotive for regular engine maintenance to ensure peak performance and fuel economy. It is vital to keep up with your oil change services.

Cylinder Block

The cylinder block, a crucial component of a motor vehicle, houses cylinders and their associated elements. Though robust, it can face issues like cracked blocks or freeze plug failure. Call 972-707-1127 to discuss your cylinder block concerns with Major Automotive’s experienced mechanics.

Cylinder Head

Situated at the closed end of a cylinder in the engine block, the cylinder head manages airflow and forms the combustion chamber. Insufficient compression can make driving difficult. Consult our cylinder head repair specialists for inspection and repairs.

Engine Repair

For any signs of trouble, bring your vehicle for comprehensive engine repair, from diagnosing check engine light issues to precise engine part repairs. We’ve got you covered!

Engine Replacement

In case of engine breakdown, take prompt action by bringing your vehicle for quality engine replacement services backed by a Major 2yr/24k Warranty.

Timing Belt

The timing belt synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft rotation in your car’s internal combustion engine. Regular checks are crucial for its proper functioning. Contact us for an expert inspection and maintenance of your timing belt.


While diesel engines generally require less frequent tune-ups, regular maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes are crucial. Rely on us for expert assistance in ensuring the longevity of your diesel engine.

High Quality Equipments

“Our commitment to using only the highest quality equipment, ensuring top-notch repairs and superior performance for your vehicle.”

Trusted Expert Mechanics

“Trust our seasoned mechanics to navigate under the hood with precision, delivering solutions tailored to your vehicle’s needs.”

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