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In the scorching Texas heat or during the unexpected chilly winter, a reliable air conditioning and heating system in your vehicle becomes more than just a luxury—it becomes an essential requirement. Conversely, the frustration is real when you step into your vehicle only to discover that the AC/Heater isn’t working? We specialize in auto air conditioner repair.


When the air conditioning is activated, the compressor works to compress the refrigerant in the system, increasing both its pressure and temperature. As the refrigerant travels through the condenser, it releases heat. Subsequently, it goes through the receiver/dryer, where contaminants and moisture are eliminated. 

Next in line is the expansion valve, where the refrigerant undergoes a decrease in both pressure and temperature upon entering the evaporator, causing it to cool down.

The evaporator functions akin to a miniature radiator located in the dashboard. Air is blown through this chilled evaporator, cooling and dehumidifying the air. The ventilation system then circulates this cool, dry air into the passenger compartment. The diligent operation of your air conditioning system ensures the delivery of refreshing, cold air.


Some manufacturers claim that you should service your refrigerant annually doing a car air conditioner recharge, we find that a little aggressive. There isn’t a set schedule or exact timeframe. However, if you keep the appropriate refrigerant level and just the right amount of oil in the system; it’ll will prolong the life of your A/C Unit. Some signs that your system may need service include hot or warm air coming from the vents, weird scents coming through the cabin and/or any odd noises coming from the dash.

We cover any and every A/C Malfunction, including the AC Compressor. Call us to get your car AC in optimal shape today.

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